Our French-inspired cuisine at Le Bistro Pepper is viewed as nourishing 
art.  French cooking has always been recognized as art indeed.

Pepper Bistro is a French-inspired and World-Infused eatery inside our health and wellness store, Embellir. We serve delicious, health-conscious food for lunch inspired from around the world, an elegant French-inspired dining experience for dinner, and an out of this world 7-course affair fine dining experience. Relax! It's Pepper.

We want our diners to anticipate hidden and unusual flavors and appreciate the fresh
ingredients and visual presentations of our food--the shape and colors, the dish on 
which it is served.

We want our dinners to relax and enjoy the music and ambiance that is unique to our
dining experience.  We know that you are royalty, and we treat you as such.

All of our menus are special--lunch, dinner, and fine dining.  Our lunch menu is a TOGO 
fare of wraps, quiches, and popular favorites.  The dinner menu is price friendly and 
consists of some of the best meals that you will ever eat.  The fine dining haute cuisine is
the marvelous vision of Chef Diana--a representation of a lifetime of study and
experimentation and a love of artistic expression.  It is expensive and over the top
elegance in line with the fine dining of yesteryear that we do not want to be forgotten.
Everyday we are alive is a holiday or a special occasion; so do not wait to book.

French cooking has consistently been viewed as superior--from hors d'oeuvres to palate
cleansers, to quiche, to aperitifs.

Very often the French way is that the hors d'oeuvres are tidbits, vegetables and potatoes
are a must, salad clears the palate, the entrée is rich, desserts are petite, and cheeses
and wines are plentiful.  Wine is often drank with each meal, but cocktails are rarely drank.
The French believes that alcohol can dull the taste buds--distracting from the pleasures
of the food.

Herbs are a must!  The twelve most often used in French cooking are chives, bay, 
rosemary, sage, savory, tarragon, thyme, parsley, basil, chervil, fennel, and marjoram.

RELAX! It's Pepper.


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